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So many things to worry about or sometimes even worry about. The topic of dental health should not be one of them. How does it work?

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Why is dental cleaning important during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is without question a beautiful event, but some questions also arise. For example, whether you can have dental treatment performed by your dentist during pregnancy. Especially on the Internet, there is a lot of speculation and people are unsure. But what does it actually look like?

Pregnancy is not a disease. Accordingly, there is nothing against dental treatment. But there are things that must be observed. For example, X-rays of the teeth or treatment with antibiotics are not possible.

This would harm the unborn child. However, there are special painkillers that do not harm the baby. In general, it is recommended not to have postponable treatments right at the beginning of pregnancy. This is because it can lead to disruption of important organ formation or, in the worst case, premature birth due to stress.

Rather, it is recommended to have necessary dental treatments performed by his dentist Dr. Johanna Leonhard in Zehlendorf during the pregnancy months four to seven and between the thirteenth and twenty-first week.

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