Tooth replacement is also a large area of dentistry. Nothing is as challenging as replacing a natural tooth. Functionally and aesthetically it should equal the perfection nature.

We are not yet able to regrow teeth, but there are various options for replacing missing teeth. Which of these is suitable for you and desired by you, we must decide through anamnesis, findings, diagnosis and planning.

Fixed bridges

When one or more teeth are lost, fixed bridges can reconstruct the gaps functionally and aesthetically.

Implants are a good alternative and offer several advantages.

We have to check whether this is possible in your case.


Implants offer the possibility of replacing individual teeth or even entire rows of teeth. However, the implant is only complete with the corresponding dental prosthesis.

We cooperate with specialists and can present and offer you various possibilities.

removable / fixed

Both fixed and removable prosthetics can be implemented on implants. It all depends on the number of teeth to be replaced and the situation at hand.

If implants are not desired or possible, then it is possible to restore function with removable dentures, i.e. partial or complete dentures.

Crowns, partial crowns, onlays, veneers

Single or multiple teeth can be destroyed by various interventions or accidents, functionally unstable and aesthetically disturbing. All-ceramics offer the advantage of good functionality and excellent aesthetics.