Your first appointment

In order to treat you in the best possible way, we need some information from you in advance.

At the registration desk you will receive a medical history form, which you can fill out at your leisure in our waiting area. In the subsequent personal consultation, you can communicate your wishes, ideas and expectations.

We take your wishes seriously.

In the subsequent examination, we record the findings of your teeth, gums, periodontium and masticatory muscles. Everything is documented and subsequently we can discuss the results of the examination. An x-ray may be needed to confirm the diagnosis, which we can subsequently take. If x-rays exist, send them in advance by e-mail.

You have acute pain or something on your denture is defective? In this case, we will take care of your concern directly.

Please let us know in advance by e-mail or telephone if there is an acute problem.

We take time for you.

Liebe Patientinnen, liebe Patienten,

die Praxis bleibt vom 30. Mai bis 3. Juni geschlossen. Ab Montag, 5 Juni, sind wir wieder für Sie da.

Bei Schmerzen und Notfällen wenden Sie sich bitte an:

Zahnarztpraxis Vieth & Vieth
Limastraße 2
14163 Berlin

Tel.: 030 - 80 10 51 570

Ihr Praxisteam Dr. Johanna Leonhard

Dear Patients,

the practice will be closed from the 30th of May to 3rd of June. From Monday, June 5th, we will be back for you.

In case of pain and emergencies, please contact:

Vieth & Vieth Dental Practice
Limastraße 2
14163 Berlin

Tel.: 030 - 80 10 51 570

Your practice team Dr. Johanna Leonhard