Family dentistry

Wondering when is the right time to visit the dentist for the first time?

We take care of your child from the first tooth. In the beginning it is more about getting to know each other and questions regarding dental hygiene can be discussed.

From the 1st tooth

IHave you noticed something wrong with your child? You are not sure? We are happy to take a look. That’s what early examinations are for.


From the age of 6, health insurance covers children’s prophylaxis twice a year. It helps to establish a relaxed bond between the child and the treatment team and helps to regularly check and support oral hygiene at home.

This allows us to detect changes in your child’s teeth in good time, document them and treat them if necessary.


Regular check-ups and individual prophylaxis are particularly important. The milk teeth have an important function just like the permanent teeth. If there is a need for treatment, we can act quickly due to the familiar relationship.


We will assist you and your child in learning proper brushing technique, understanding oral hygiene at home, and regular remotivation.

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