Dental cleaning

vegan dental cleaning
More and more people are following a purely plant-based diet and do not want to consume animal products away from the diet. Therefore, we have reviewed the ingredient list of our dental cleaning products and can offer vegan prophylaxis.

All materials used in vegan tooth cleaning are purely vegetable. From the cleaning paste to the brush attachment, all products are free of animal ingredients.

… can prevent tooth decay and inflammation.

Teeth cleaning is much more than just beautification. Professional cleaning of teeth is very important for dental health and can prevent tooth decay and inflammation. In our practice of dentist Dr. Johanna in Berlin you can have your teeth cleaned professionally.

Especially patients with dental prosthesis in the form of bridges or dentures, or patients who are prone to caries, have problems with the gums, or even suffer from periodontitis, are advised to have their teeth professionally cleaned.

How often the teeth cleaning should take place is completely individual and we can determine specifically adapted to your needs and vary at any time if the situation changes. Certain lifestyle habits, such as the consumption of staining foods and tobacco, can also make more frequent dental cleanings necessary.



Keeping teeth healthy is the top priority. How to achieve this. Through regular checkups and preventive measures such as professional teeth cleaning.


Healthy teeth are attractive. What doesn’t look nice? Discoloration, deposits and tartar. You can do a lot yourself to prevent discoloration – we will be happy to tell you how in our practice. Unfortunately, if you are someone who is prone to discoloration and deposits, we will discuss this and schedule shorter intervals between prophylaxis appointments.


If you think they’re crazy, you’re wrong. You can also relax during a dental cleaning. You can train relaxation. How? Come to us regularly, then you will know the dentists and the procedures and your stress level will automatically drop. At some point you will switch off so well that you will be completely relaxed before and after the treatment. You do something for yourself and your health.