Harmony splints

HarmonieSchiene® (harmony splints) from Orthos – How to get a little closer to your radiant smile day after day.

Deny yourself a smile because your front teeth are shifting? That does not have to be!

In many people, the teeth shift in adulthood and there is a lack of space. Individual teeth can be pushed so far forward that they rotate and are not only aesthetically but also functionally disruptive.



Correct malocclusions without fixed braces?

Harmony splints are transparent and almost not noticeable. After two days you will be used to the feeling of wearing them.



Harmony splints can lead to the desired treatment result within 8-16 weeks. How many splints we need in your case, we need to check.

The splints are changed every two weeks.


Easy care

Clean with a toothbrush and rinse with water – done.

You can brush your teeth as usual. There is no increased risk of tooth decay.



The teeth are brought into the desired position in small steps. The pressure is moderate and you do not have to expect any unwanted toothache.

Effective and safe

The treatment result can be predicted very reliably and is also achieved with regular use (22h wearing time). We can show you the treatment goal in advance with the help of visualizations.

What could be better than anticipation?

Good to know

The HarmonieSchiene® (harmony splint) from Orthos has been tried and tested for 15 years and is produced in Germany under the highest quality standards. Free of plasticizers, such as bisphenol A.

How long the treatment takes, i.e. how many splints are necessary to achieve the desired result, can vary greatly and requires precise planning. We will be happy to check whether splint treatment is an option for you. Afterwards we can go through the exact procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Harmony splints