Anxious patients

We will help you overcome your fear in the long run.

Fear of the dentist is anything but surprising. Who likes to open their mouth for a long period of time so that an almost complete stranger can do their work with various devices? No other profession gets so close to its customer and even reaches into his mouth. It is so rare and unusual that probably everyone has a tingling in the stomach.

Our basic attitude motivates us every day to help people – especially fear patients. Some of our patients from Berlin Zehlendorf even had a pronounced fear in the past, up to a phobia, which prevented them from going to the dentist for years. We are here for such patients. With respect we give you trust and listening. By listening and cautiousness we take away your fear. And we do this for hundreds of patients. We help patients with fear of the dentist. Don’t worry that you haven’t been to the dentist in years, we know and we will help you. With patience and respect.